Andy Bassich Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Age, Dating or Married

Andy Bassich Wiki, Andy Bassich Bio, Andy Bassich Net worth, Andy Bassich Age, Andy Bassich Dating or Andy Bassich Married
Short Bio- Who is Andy Bassich? 
Andy Bassich is a documentary series star in “Life Below Zero”. He wondered around the corners of United States to find his passion. He takes care of 37 sled dogs and lives in Yukon River in Alaska. Recently he made a comeback on the show. The popular Andy Bassich bio is given below. 

Age- How old is Andy Bassich? 
Andy Bassich was born in the capital of United States in 1959. It makes his age around 57 and 58. After spending his childhood and early adulthood in the capital, he moved to Alaska to live in peace and quietness. According to the sources, he holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. He stands at a decent height and maintains a healthy body shape.

Net worth and Salary- How much is Andy’s net worth?
He mainly hunts and gathers everything he eats and drinks. He earns a huge salary of $100,000 from the show’s producers.
He collects his net worth through his TV series and also from his school. Andy Bassich net worth is around $250,000. He returned to the show in 2016 after his divorce. His fans were angry with the show as he was alleged of having an abusive relationship with ex-wife Kate.
Andy Bassich graduate from the John F. Kennedy High School. He became a professional carpenter and cabinet maker. He worked in Washington D.C. to support his family and marriage of sister for the most part of his youth. He worked in the capital but his passion was somewhere in the bushes of Alaska. He began rearing dog and started to hunt after moving to Alaska in 1980.
Now he lives in Yukon River with his 37 sled dogs. His wandering lifestyle in Alaska earned him and his ex-wife a role in the documentary series “Life Below Zero.” The documentary series Life Below Zero focuses on its main character and their struggle with the wilderness of Alaska and survive with minimum supplies. The show is in 9th season in 2017. It is subtitled as the Seasons of Change.

Is Andy Bassich is married? Who is his wife? 

Andy Bassich was a married man, he was married to Kate.  Andy and his ex-wife Kate spent years together. But according to the Kate, she faced verbal and physical abuse from Andy for years.
But after years of trying to save the marriage and providing support to Andy, she had enough of it. Then she marched for divorce and in 2016 the couple parted their ways.
After the divorce, both individuals have their own set of troubles. As Andy was left alone to survive and make a living in Alaska while Kate has no home and she has to live with her friends. Now Kate plans to move in British Columbia, Canada to be near her youngest daughter.
As per Kate interview with, she exposed that her youngest daughter lives in Canada. Analyzing her words, the couple is a parent to the multiple children.

Flood Rampaged His House!
The Alaskan regularly celebrates the breakup of water as the beginning of summer. But above all, it’s the beginning of opportunities to grab food. In 2009, the breakup came with destruction rather than hope.
In 15 minutes of break-up period, he saw his houses, property, and machinery gets flooded away by the icy water of Yukon River. Which is one of the most distressing floods in the history of the river?
After his valuable assets into the water, he spends years rebuilding his livelihood. Now he prepares before the breakup of water. He creates a 40 feet arc by the boats every year to stop the water entering and saving his dogs and his own life.