Annie LeBlanc Age, Birthday, Height, Net worth, Dating and Wiki

Annie LeBlanc Age, Annie LeBlanc Birthday, Annie LeBlanc Height, Annie LeBlanc Net worth, Annie LeBlanc Dating, Annie LeBlanc Wiki
Date of Birth : Dec 5th, 2004
Age : 14 Years old

Short Bio

Annie LeBlanc from Bratayley is a gymnast, YouTube star and a social media personality whose birth day is on December 5, 2004 in Augusta, Georgia. Her name on birth was Juliana Grace LeBlanc; her nationality being American and ethnicity white. Annie was born to father Billy LeBlanc and Katie LeBlanc along with two siblings: Brother Caleb and sister Hayley.  She lives with her family in Georgia. Annie started gymnastics at the young age of 3 and hasn’t looked back since. Annie is widely popular for being a member of channel “Bratayley” on YouTube and her videos on her self-titled YouTube channel, triggering more than 550K+ views in each of them. Annie LeBlanc is also a top star on the musical social platform ‘’ where she has over 8 million followers.

Net Worth and Salary

It wasn’t known until recently how rich Annie Leblanc is; her net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be around an astounding $500,000. Annie’s huge net worth arises from her sponsored videos on YouTube and commercial advertisements, although her actual sources of income aren’t revealed yet. At a juvenile age of 12, that worth value is shockingly unreal. Judging from her meteoric rise to fame, such wealth is a considerable justice to her talent. Annie’s education is being held at home like most of the current YouTube child stars. She is being homeschooled so that education does not hamper her time spent on making videos and so that she is not held back academically. Annie’s so far short career comprises of video blogging and gymnastics. Talking about her gymnastics skills, Annie is a level 9 gymnast in USAG has won many competitions in gymnastics since 2009.  Starting gymnastics at the age of 3, Annie has been homeschooled just because of her love for gymnastics. She dreams of competing in the Olympics someday for her country. Her YouTube videos are mostly related to her gymnastics moves and funny compilations. Annie currently works on three YouTube channels “OhMyGoshTV”, “Bratayley” and her self-titled channel as well. She was a former member of SevenAwesomeKids which she later left because of engagement in too many platforms. Her personal YouTube channel has seen 1.4M subscribers with prolific number of views on each video. Not just on YouTube, her fans on constantly watch her lip sync videos. 

Who is Annie LeBlanc Dating? Who is Her Girlfriend?

This cute, talented gymnast and vlogger sure has millions of fans specially guys wanting to date hzer. More importantly, whether Annie LeBlanc is dating someone or not tickles a lot of ears. She is only 12 years of age and perhaps dating is not a genuine priority for kids that age. As is the case with Annie as she most probably seems to be single at present. However, it is also to be taken into account that Annie LeBlanc is often seen hanging out with fellow star Hayden Summerall. They were recently spotted kissing each other too and a few intimate pictures of them on the Internet are what sparked the rumors. If Hayden is in fact Annie LeBlanc’s boyfriend, well lucky for her that she found love in a best friend. 

Wiki and Facts

Undoubtedly one of the most heavily adored celebrities of her age, she is also perhaps the most popular kid gymnast and video blogger. Annie LeBlanc is present on all social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more, most of which are looked after by her mom. Annie has 8M followers on where she is present as @presshandstands, 3M followers on Instagram but she is not very active on her existing Twitter account. Her joint YouTube channel “Bratayley” has 4M+ subscribers whereas her personal channel has a whopping 1.4M subscribers. Catch up with her cute videos on Annie’s YouTube and Instagram instantly. Get more on her personal and professional life from Annie LeBlanc Wikipedia and other wiki pages.