Arianna Huffington Wiki, Bio, Age, Net worth and Husband

Arianna Huffington Wiki, Arianna Huffington Bio, Arianna Huffington Age, Arianna Huffington Net worth and Arianna Huffington Husband
Bio - Who is Arianna Huffington?
Arianna Huffington is a popular author, columnist and business woman, born in Greece with the birth name- Ariadnē-Anna Stasinopoúlou. She was born on July the 15th, 1950, which makes her age lie at 67 this year. She was born to parents- Konstantinos Stasinopoulou and Elli Stasinopoulou and is the sister of Agape. She moved to the UK at the age of 16 and later studied Economics at Gorton College, Cambridge. She became the first foreigner to become the president of The Cambridge Club. She is white by ethnicity and is American by nationality. The popular Arianna Huffington bio is given below.

Net Worth and Career- How much is Arianna Huffington worth?
Arianna Huffington has been very successful in her career and has been able to accumulate a good wealth from her career. She receives a good salary from her company which can be assumed to be in thousands of dollars. Currently, Arianna Huffington net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, which shows her success in her career.
Arianna initially worked for the BBC network, especially the program Face the Music. She also worked on the radio on shows such as Any Questions? And panel games like Call My Bluff. She served as co-host of BBC's late night chat show Saturday Night at the Mill. She was the co-host to the public radio program Both Sides Now. She also ran a website called She was one of the speakers at the 24th annual “Distinguished Speaker Series” at the University at Buffalo in 2010. She is also a prominent writer, who began by writing her book entitled The Female Woman, attacking the feminist movement. During the late 1970s, she was a writer for the National Review and in 1981, wrote a biography of Maria Callas and in 1989, that of Pablo Picasso. She was a supporter of the Republicans, including the Republican revolution by Newt Gingrich. Her team was nominated for the 1997 Emmy for her work in Politically Incorrect. She is most famous for being the founder of the popular media outlet The Huffington Post, which was started in 2005. It was, however, sold to AOL in 2011, during which she earned about 24 million dollars. She is also the CEO of Thrive Global. She has authored several books, on different topics including politics, and later on health and fitness, such as Thrive and The Sleep Revolution.

Is Arianna Huffington married? Who is her husband?

In 1985, Arianna met her husband Michael Huffington, an oil magnate. The couple married a year later, in 1986. He later ran and won as a Republican for a seat in the US House of Representatives. The couple has two daughters- Isabella and Christina. The marriage, however, did not last forever and ended when the couple got a divorce in 1997. It was later revealed that Arianna’s husband was a bisexual man.
Height- How tall is Arianna?
Arianna is a sweet lady, who is confident and bold at the same time. Arianna Huffington height is estimated to be 5 feet 10 inch which makes her look tall and sexy. She has maintained a fit body due to her routine of doing exercises, yoga, meditation and even occasional weight lifting at the gym. Her exact weight is not known. She is blonde while her eye color is brown.
Wiki and Facts
Arianna has had a huge success in the field of online journalism and thus has many followers. She can be followed on Twitter at @ariannahuff. Other than this more inform nation on her personal and professional can be found on Arianna Huffington Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.