Brenton Thwaites Gay, Bisexual, Girlfriend, Height and Age

Brenton Thwaites Gay, Brenton Thwaites Bisexual, Brenton Thwaites Girlfriend, Brenton Thwaites Height, Brenton Thwaites Age
Date of Birth : Aug 10th, 1989
Age : 30 Years old

Is Brenton Thwaites Gay or Is he Bisexual?

When the photoshoot of Brenton getting naked with Ewan McGregor was out, his fans did wonder if Brenton Thwaites is gay or bisexual. Again, in an interview taken by The Fix, he indirectly pointed out that he might be a bisexual. Also, Brenton had attempted at getting job in a gay bar when he had moved to Las Angeles. All these facts suggests that Brenton might be a bisexual if not gay.. 

Brenton Thwaites Has a Baby with his Girlfriend

Brenton Thwaites has certainly has had his share of girlfriends in the past and has a huge female fan following. But the one we know of is Brenton’s current darling Chloe Pacy. Brenton has dated Chloe Pacy since 2011. In fact, these two have taken their relationship a step ahead as Brenton and Chloe had a daughter together in March, 2016. Currently neither of them is rumored to be in any external love affairs not rumors. Brenton and Chloe might soon get married too but they have not spoken where their relationship stands. The couple however, lives happily together. Brenton had met his girlfriend Chloe on Australian Craigslist in February of 2015 when he was working on Pirated of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Brenton Thwaites girlfriend Chloe is a student and an artist. 

Net Worth and Salary

Brenton Thwaites’ net worth is an estimated $3million whereas his salary is in fairly good figures of $300,000. There is no doubt that his wealth and net worth will increase, especially after being involved in the multi-million dollar POC franchise that’s a soon-to-be blockbuster. We will be updating his increased net worth for sure. Brenton graduated from the Queensland University of Technology. By the time that happened, he had already made his film debut in a 2010 indie “Charge over You”. Also at the age of 16, his was involved in a theatrical play “Shakespearean tragedy: Romeo and Juliet”. This proves that Brenton Thwaites had already honed his talents for a career that went only uphill after that. He became known to audience through Fox’s Australian teen drama series “SLiDE” in November 2010. He played Stu Henderson in the 24th season of Home and Away. His career heightened with lead role in TV film “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening”. There have been a series of movies with big production banner and a dignified cast that Brenton was associated with or featured in. ‘Maleficient’, ‘The Giver’, ‘The Signal’, ‘Gods of Egypt’ which all had some big names. Brenton passionately looks forward to his upcoming endeavor “Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” where he plays Henry Turner. In recent years, Brenton has risen as a prospective star, chipping in with decent roles in big movies. Also because of his good looks, he has made a fortune.

Height and Weight

Brenton Thwaites is tall- his height is at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) and his weight is 80 kg (174 lbs). When a handsome face comes with a tall, attractively lanky physique, it makes for quite a catch. From his pictures you can tell he works out and likes to stay in shape. He has dark-brown hair and brown eyes. With a killer smile, he charms his way through the big screen. Brenton Thwaites is notable for having seductive body measurements. The talented actor is also never out of style.

Wiki and Facts

Brenton has a mega female fan following across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. He is soon on the verge of becoming a sensation with his outrageously good looks. His fans regularly look out for his muscular body and pictures that he posts online. He is fairly active in the social media, with 58k followers on Twitter. Detailed information on Brenton Thwaites can be found on his IMDB and Wikipedia pages. 

Short Bio

Brenton Thwaites is an actor born 10 August, 1989 in Cairns, Queensland. Brenton’s nationality is Australian and his ethnicity is white. His mother’s name is Fiona and his father is Peter Thwaites. Brenton has a sibling sister named Stacey. Growing up in Cairns, he fantasized about becoming a policeman or firefighter and his career has taken a significant turn towards the acting profession. Brenton Thwaites is set to appear in Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in May 24, 2017.