Brittney Smith Wiki, Bio, Age, Feet, Height, Dating, Married and Net worth

Brittney Smith Wiki, Brittney Smith Bio, Brittney Smith Age, Brittney Smith Feet, Brittney Smith Height, Brittney Smith Dating, Brittney Smith Married and Brittney Smith Net worth
Date of Birth : Feb 16th, 1991
Age : 28 Years old
Short Bio- How Who is Brittney Smith?
Brittney Danelle Smith is a famous American YouTube personality. She is famous for being the girlfriend of a famous prankster, YouTuber, and vlogger Roman Atwood. Brittney Smith was born on February 16, 1991, in Ohio. It is also a place where she was also raised as a child. Brittney Smith is regularly seen appearing in her boyfriend’s videos. She has more than 1.7 million followers on her Instagram account. The popular Brittney Smith bio is given below. 

Net Worth: How much is Brittney Smith?
At present, Brittney Smith frequently appears in Roman’s daily vlogs in his vlog channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs”. Here he uploads videos daily of his life as a father. Brittney also works full-time in Roman’s won merchandise line called “The Smile More Store”, in which he sells hoodies, T-shirts, bracelets and other items. Brittney smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million.   
Brittney Smith’s internet fame rose when she appeared in numerous Roman Atwood's prank videos. One of the most iconic videos was a video titled “Anniversary Prank Backfires!!” which was posted on November 20, 2013.
In the video, Roman Atwood efforts to prank his girlfriend on their five-year anniversary by acknowledging that he has cheated on her. As an alternative, the prank backfires at Roman when she sees the camera beforehand and pranks him back by fantasizing that she cheated on him too. At the end of the video, Brittney Smith says “I thought you were going to propose”. The video has more than 83.2 million views with more than 863 thousand dislikes.

Is Brittney Smith married or has a boyfriend?
Brittney Smith is a famous American YouTube personality. She first met Roman Atwood in a hospital. Roman was his best friend, Chase Gilroy, who was going to be a father at that time. Since 2008 they started dating and is still a happy couple today. Brittney and Roman also have a son named Kane. Brittney Smith is the step-mother of Noah who is Roman’s son from his previous marriage to Shanna Vaughn. She also has a sister named Veronica.

Controversial Videos
Brittney Smith has also been seen in another video by Roman, titled “Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!” which was posted on November 30, 2014. In the video, Roman throws a model in a Spiderman costume over the balcony of their 2- story house, making her believe that it was their youngest son Kane.
After running down to the dummy, pulling off its mask and realizing that it is not Kane, Brittney breaks down into tears as Roman enter the room snickering at her. Then she starts shouting at him and tells him he's "sleeping on the couch". The video has more than 47.9 million views as of today.
A similar video was also uploaded on October 11 when Roman once again pranked Britney Smith by convincing her that her son sped off on a quad bike and blew up. The video has more than 35 million views now, has received a mixed response. Some people arguing it is never OK to joke about dead children while others are saying that it was funny hell and people are just getting offended way to easily.