Charissa Thompson Net worth, Salary, Married or Dating

Charissa Thompson Net worth, Charissa Thompson Salary, Charissa Thompson Married, Charissa Thompson Dating
Date of Birth : May 4th, 1982
Age : 38 Years old

Net worth and Salary

Charissa fully committed herself to career building that led to rise in Charissa Thompson’s current net worth of $3million. Charissa’s stunning net worth comes as a result of huge salary from NBC. It seems her dedication helped her make a fortune rather than getting entangled in meaningless relationships. 

Is Chariss Thompson Married or Dating

The beautiful, sexy and successful 35- year old sportscaster from NBC who we know by the name Charissa Thompson is currently single and isn’t dating anyone. But the talented reporter’s love life isn’t as neat as her professional life; Charissa has been married once years ago. Sources were unknown about this shocking news until she recently revealed everything; how Charissa getting married so soon was a childish act she would forever regret. According to the rumors she also had two children. But some have also called the revelation a fake, although she seemed serious about her past life.

Charissa Divorced Her Ex Husband  

Charissa Thompson has never disclosed the name of her ex-husband or who she was married to.  However, the fact that Charissa divorced her husband soon enough was enough to prove that the marriage became nothing but a momentary bliss for her. If we are to think about it, everything came good out of that marriage though. 

Charissa Thompson Was Dating With Boyfriend

In 2011, Charissa Thompson started dating boyfriend Jay Williams. Jay is a former Duke Blue Devils Star and an ESPN College Basketball Analyst at present. Charissa and boyfriend Jay shared a somewhat controversial year together; she was often criticized for dating an interracial guy. Jay was also a victim of interracial comments. Eventually after more than a year together, Charissa broke up with boyfriend Jay stating it was getting difficult for her to cope with the negative remarks of people. But she has made it clear that her and Jay are still pretty good friends despite the break up. 

New Boyfriend or Single

At the age of 35, Charissa Thompson might as well be single. But a peek into her Instagram and you’ll find some pictures of her with Ryan Bedford. However, as she stated that she had spent days together with Ryan in Ibiza and she is not allowing herself to go back, Ryan may not be the new boyfriend of Charissa. Charissa rarely talks about her ex-husband and hasn’t mentioned his name. It seems that she is too embarrassed to talk about her past love life and affairs. It’s good to look forward to a better future than to stay stuck in history. The attractive NBC’s sportscaster is still young and will surely meet guys who will throw themselves at her. We want to see someone as beautiful and professionally proficient as Charissa Thompson to be equally successful in her personal life. 


#tbt to my last vacation with @ryan_bedford . Let's just say we spent 8 days in Ibiza and are never allowed to go back.

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