Chris Wallace Wife, Age, Height and Religion

Chris Wallace Wife,Chris Wallace Age, Chris Wallace Height, Chris Wallace Religion
Date of Birth : Oct 12th, 1947
Age : 73 Years old

Who is Chris Wallace Wife? 

Despite his age, he is quite a charming man. This is further demonstrated by his interesting love life. He has dated many beautiful women during his youth and has been married twice altogether. Chris Wallace married his sweetheart and later wife Elizabeth Farrell in 1973 with whom he has four children Andrew, Peter, Megan, and Catherine. Chris got divorced to wife Elizabeth despite having been blessed with children. He stayed unmarried for quite a while until 1997. That year on October 4, Chris Wallace got married to his present wife Lorraine Martin Smothers. Lorraine has two children of her own with her ex-husband Dick Smothers. Chris and Lorraine have been happily married for almost 20 years and there are no significant rumors of their divorce. Chris Wallace enjoys spending time with his wife and children although he is mostly busy. The couple is completely dedicated to and seem to admire each other. Also with his growing age (he is 69 years old) and seniority in the media, Chris Wallace looks settled with everything for the rest of his life.  
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How tall is Chris Wallace?

Chris is a dominant personality in the TV world, especially because of his intimidating height. Chris Wallace’s height is at 5 feet 10 inches (1.778 inches). He is often characterized by how tall he is and how he makes himself noticeable with his flamboyant anchoring style.

Short Bio With Age

Chris Wallace is a three time Emmy Award winning journalist, TV anchor and political commentator who works as a host for FOX News channel program “Fox News Sunday”. As per Chris Wallace biography, his date of birth is October 12, 1947 which makes Chris Wallace age 69 years as of 2017. He is of American nationality and white ethnicity. He grew up with his brother Peter Wallace in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to father Mike Wallace and mother Norma Kaphan. However, he was surprisingly more inclined towards his step father Bill Leonard who he adored the most. Chris Wallace is Jewish by religion and he gets the descent from his Jewish parents. Chris’s father Mike was a CBS 60 minutes reporter.