CNN Manu Raju Wiki, Bio, Wife and Family

CNN Manu Raju, Manu Raju Wiki, Manu Raju Bio, Manu Raju Wife, Manu Raju Family
Date of Birth : Feb 9th, 1980
Age : 39 Years old

Short Bio

Manu Raju is a journalist. He is among one of those millions of non-native citizens who faced some discrimination and racial abuse in the recent past. He is a congressional reporter and a senior correspondent at CNN. He is also an expert Washington, D.C. reporter. He reported for Politico and other news outlets as well. He has won numerous awards for journalism along with a Merriman Smith Memorial Award.

Salary and Net Worth 

A senior Congressional reporter for CNN, Manu Raju salary is around $100,000 dollars annually which is why Raju’s net worth is estimated to be very high. Along with salary, Manu also receives huge bonuses and incentives. Manu Raju has been a main part of the Politico and CNN, as a journalist. He is involved in every chief political news that makes the headlines.
The India Abroad newspaper named him the King of the Hill for reporting on the chief personalities and events of the country. He is a role model of careful and measured journalism for others.
The career of the journalist begun with the work on the assignment desk at NBC-15. Later he is taking the job to cover on environmental policy for Inside Washington Publishers. Then he went on to join Congressional Quarterly and The Hill. But he got the major break with the Politico. As a part of the program, he won numerous awards and got involved in Presidential Reporting.
In 2015, he left the company to work for CNN. He has developed a status for himself by being able to find out what politicians discuss behind the acts. Among the many high profile political reporting, his report on GOP establishment's struggle with Donald Trump is an important one.

Family Life of Manu Raju with his Wife

Manu Raju is married to his wife Archana Mehta. The two are living happily in their house as a family. They both love each other. The bonding can be seen through their pictures and tweets they post in social media. Manu’s wife is an industrialist with a company AM Strategies. Raju’s family consists of twin children, a girl and a boy who were born in 2015. At present, he is enjoying a happily married life and newly considered parenthood. He loves to spend time with the family whenever he is free.

Wiki and Facts

According to Wikipedia, Manu K. Raju is currently aged 37. He was born in Downers Grove, Illinois on 9th February 1980. He was born to the parents Tonse N. K. Raju and Vidya Raju. His parents came from the Indian state of Karnataka. From University of Wisconsin–Madison he received his education. He also graduated in business administration from here. He holds an American nationality. He belongs to Indian ethnicity. The reporter has a strong and striking personality. Manu Raju has a proper height.
 Manu has made a name and built a status for himself in everywhere he has worked. He has always managed to do the best in what he is doing. He has contributed in best political reporting. Now see the personal life of a man and the love of people of the country behind him.