Danielle Cohn Age, Birthday, Height and Boyfriend

Danielle Cohn Age,  Danielle Cohn  Birthday,  Danielle Cohn  Height and  Danielle Cohn  Boyfriend
Date of Birth : Mar 7th, 2004
Age : 16 Years old
Bio - Who is Danielle Cohn?
Danielle Cohn is a young model and a star over the social media. She was born on March 7th, 2004, which makes her age lie at 13 this year. She was very passionate about modeling from a very young age, and thus, started participating in different beauty pageants to express her. She is of white ethnicity and is American by nationality. She has a brother named Chad and her mother and brother are very supportive of her choice to pursue the modeling career. The popular Danielle Cohn bio is given below.

Net Worth and Salary- How much is Danielle Cohn worth?
Danielle Cohn has been very successful in her career, and has been able to earn a good wealth from her modeling career. Danielle Cohn salary is estimated to be $150,000 which she has earned from her endorsements. Danielle Cohn net worth is estimated to be $300,000 which shows her success.
Danielle Cohn goal of becoming a model led Danielle to pursue different beauty pageants. In 2013, she stood fourth in the Miss Florida Junior Pre-teen competition. In 2014, she held the position of the second runner up. Finally, she won the competition in 2015.  She has now been signed by the BMG modeling agency, Juicy Couture Clothing line and also Lisa B Jewelry. She also takes music classes. She uses the musical app musical.ly and has over 5 million fans over this app. She has just launched her first single called Marilyn Monroe. She is very young but despite her age, she has been able to launch herself not only as a model, but also as a musician. Her annual salary is not known but her net worth is expected to be in the thousands. She made and donated teddy bears to the Children’s Miracle Hospital in 2016. Besides, she has her own YouTube channel by the name of Danielle Cohn.

Is Danielle Dating? Who is her boyfriend?
Many would say that Danielle is very young to be starting a relationship. She has however, won over the hearts of millions of her fans worldwide. There are rumors that she is currently dating a boy. Her boyfriend is suspected to be Richard Ortiz, especially after reading her Instagram posts. However, this has yet to be confirmed. Apparently, she has posted many pictures of herself with Richard online. However, all this might only be close friendship and nothing more.

Height- How tall is Danielle Cohn?
Danielle has a charming personality. Many of her fans describe her as bold, and a young diva. Danielle Cohn height is estimated to be 4’11”, maintaining an average body weight. She has been a model and so makes good of her fashion choices. She has a sweet smile. Her hair color is light brown, while her eye color is light brown. Her fashion sense is also reflected in her online store called Danielle Cohn Store, where the brand sells T-shirts and other apparel.

Wiki and Facts
Danielle’s quick climb to success can be attributed mostly to the fact that she gained a huge popularity over social media sites and over YouTube. She has over 189 thousand subscribers on YouTube, while on Instagram she has more than 670 thousand followers. You can follow her on Instagram at @daniellecohn. She can also be followed on Twitter at @daniellecohn and @Danicohnsumodel. Get more info on her personal and professional life from Danielle Cohn Wikipedia and other social sites.