Doug DeMuro Age, Bio, Net Worth and Wiki

Doug DeMuro Age, Doug DeMuro Bio, Doug DeMuro Net Worth and Doug DeMuro Wiki
Date of Birth : May 22nd, 1988
Age : 32 Years old

Short Bio and Age

According to Doug DeMuro bio, he was born on 22 May 1988 in Colorado, the United States. Doug DeMuro age is 30 years now. She holds an American nationality. Doug DeMuro belongs to White ethnicity.
Doug DeMuro's family raised him in Denver. He completed his education from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

 Net Worth and Salary

According to social blade, Doug DeMuro earns the estimated monthly income from $6.6K to $106.4K in a month which helped him to gather payroll of $79.8K and $1.3 million net worth. He earned the net worth from his professional career in the automotive industry. He created a YouTube channel on 11 September 2013 and uploads numerous videos and tutorials regarding the auto vehicles. Similarly, YouTuber Doug DeMuro is also a blogger and covers various aspects of the automotive industry through his blog, Plays with Cars.
Together with blogging, Doug DeMuro has also published several books related to the automotive industry including Plays with Cars in 2013 and Bumper to Bumper in 2016. The books have the value of $2.99 and $4.99 in Kindle Edition respectively.
Doug signed the papers on his new personal cars and replaced his old car, Range Rover in July 2017 which he used for five years.
YouTuber and Vlogger, Doug DeMuro is highly acknowledged for his auto blog Plays with Cars. Doug Started his career in the automotive industry. Later he created a YouTube channel and started uploading several videos on cars models. In a short time, Doug led his name as an important Auto Trader.
Besides, Doug is the extreme contributor to the automotive site Jalopnik. Doug also shares suggestion and tips relating to the automotive industry through email and other social networking sites.

Is Doug DeMuro Married? Who is his Wife?

 Doug DeMuro is a married man. He has been enjoying an intimate lifestyle with his unidentified spouse. As remarked in his blog, Doug DeMuro first met his wife while he was a Resident Advisor at Dobbs Hall, Atlanta. At that time, the pair didn't date each other. However, he managed to be one of her closest friends. Later on, the duo turned their friendship into a romantic relationship. With the mutual understanding, Doug and his sweetheart started flaunting their romances on social media in 2014. His girlfriend was studying Ph.D. in Philly at that time. After completing graduation in 2015, Doug and his lady flew to Chicago. 
Following their three years of the love relationship, the pair eventually exchanged the promises of the wedding in July 2017. He shared the happy news with Instagram followers. Doug confronted a wedding photograph on Instagram on 16 July 2017, where he asked his sweetheart to get married. They went on a long drive north to their honeymoon.
Presently, Doug maintains a buttery smooth relationship with his wife and speeds their quality time roaming around the world. The pair went to Amsterdam for a week-long vacation in summer 2018. He gifted his spouse a luxurious car, Volvo in April 2018.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Doug DeMuro height is 6 feet 3 inches. His weight is not available now. His body measurements are not available now.

Wiki and Social Media

Doug DeMuro is highly active on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Doug has a huge fans following him in such media. More info about his personal and professional life can be found on Doug DeMuro Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.