ESPN Rachel Nichols Measurements, Height, Feet and Legs

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Body Measurement of Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols has an hourglass shape of body. She has been known for having an attractive body measurements of 34-26-38 inches suited for a stout looking TV personality. She has nevertheless lost significant weight especially after the pregnancy rumors a while back and now looks pretty slim. Rachel is not known to have plastic surgery. 

How tall is Rachel Nichols? 

Rachel Nichols often makes fun of herself as a midget. She looks quite dwarfish in a group. Rachel Nichols height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). She is a blonde woman with an athletic physique. In her early forties, she still flaunts a beautiful outlook for a TV journalist of that age.

espn rachel nichols height

Feet and Legs of Rachel

Rachel Nichols has feet size of 7 as per US measurements. Her seductive body is well accompanied by her petite feet. She is often seen in high heels so that she can gain that extra inches and look tall than she is. Her legs are long and slender and look good in all dress. She has extensive collection of high heels in different colors and design. She has keen sense of fashion and looks stylish as she covers sports news. 
espn rachel nichols legs