Fox News Heather Nauert Net worth, Age, Feet, Legs and Family

Fox News Heather Nauert Net worth, Fox News Heather Nauert Age, Fox News Heather Nauert Feet, Fox News Heather Nauert Legs and Fox News Heather Nauert Family
Date of Birth : Jan 27th, 1970
Age : 50 Years old
Short Bio
Heather Nauert, a highly successful personality, is an anchor of American nationality. She is an anchor for the Fox News Channel. She has been remarkably known for her work on Fox and Friends as well as Fox and Friends first. According to Heather Nauert bio, she was born on the 27th of January, 1970. Even at the age of 46 years old, the beauty of this highly talented personality is unparalleled to many. She has also worked at the WNYW channel. She started her career in Fox since a long time now. She has an attractive body and charming skill, apart from her pretty successful career, which is properly showcased on the screens.

Salary and Net worth
Heather Nauert net worth is estimated around $3 million dollars. Her dedication towards journalism and the skills she has represented when working for the Fox Channel time and again has led her to achieve this amount of net worth. Heather Nauert’s net worth has been collected because of her whopping 500 thousand dollars annual salary. Which makes her some of the best earning and best-looking journalists on screen. She will certainly continue her successful activities on the small screen and will become famous because of it, even in the time to come.

Height, Weight, and Measurements
Heather Nauert height is 5 feet and 5 inches. She has a well - maintained the body weight of 61 kilograms at this age. It can be said for sure that she has worked quite hard to maintain her weight according to her height. Heather Nauert shoe size or feet size is known to be 8 as per US measurement. She likes to wear a skirt. She has a huge wardrobe of shoe collection. Heather legs are long and slender and look pretty as she sits cross- legged while hosting the show. 
Heather Nauert feet are always decorated with the best-looking heels. She has a perfect sense of style. She showcases her talent for dress up pretty well on the screen. Her legs are extremely well maintained too. They are slim and are shown in a modest matter in the dresses she wears. She owns a huge collection of heels and other footwear that beautifies both her feet and legs properly and makes her look extra beautiful. Heather Nauert body measurement is 35-36-26 inch. So, any kind of dress suits her very well. 

Family of Heather

Heather Nauert is a married woman and she is living happily with her husband and two children both of whom are the son. Her husband is Scott Norby while her son is named Peter Raymond Norby and Gage William Norby. She has two brothers Jon and Joe while her father is Peter W. Nauert. Heather husband Scott is an investment banker and works in Goldman Sachs. Her first son Peter was born in 2009 and second son  Gage in 2010.