Gay Anderson Cooper is in Relationship With his Partner

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Date of Birth : Jun 3rd, 1967
Age : 53 Years old
It was in 2011 that Anderson came out openly gay; the year that same-sex marriage was declared legal in America. Anderson Cooper has not spoken of getting married to gay partner Benjamin Maisaini. But the couple confessed that they would love to have children sometime soon. But as happy a relationship as they have, it is not absolutely necessary that Anderson and Benjamin get married. But who wouldn’t love to see our favorite Anderson have a husband? Of course, neither Anderson Cooper nor Benjamin Maisani is known to have a spouse or a husband previously.  So it raises no further questions about the existence of any wife of neither of them in the past. Let’s just hope the couple consider taking their relationship to the next level!

Anderson Cooper is easily the most adored television personality and not just in America. He is famed for his news show “Anderson Cooper 360°” and talk show “Anderson Live” on CNN. Although Anderson is a fairly secretive person and does not like to open up about his relationships because “he doesn’t find it appropriate”, we still get to have a sneak peek at his love life and dating records.

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Anderson Cooper is gay from his early youth and is open to his family and friends about his sexuality. However, it took him some time to confess it in the media. Anderson has had a few boyfriends in the past and even dated girls in his teenage. But most notable of Anderson’s previous boyfriends was Cesar Recio who he dated from 2004-2009. Anderson was rumored to be dating Jonathan Chase somewhere along the same time. But Anderson Cooper is currently in a fully committed relationship with boyfriend and partner Benjamin Maisani who he met in 2009. The couple lives a happy life together in New York. As of now, Anderson Cooper and his partner Benjamin Maisani are not married yet. But it is nice to see them enjoy each other’s company as suggested by their wonderful pictures.