Is David Venable from QVC Gay? Know if He is Married To His Partner

Is David Venable from QVC Gay? Know if He is Married To His Partner
Date of Birth : Nov 12th, 1964
Age : 55 Years old
Is David Venable Gay?
QVC Channel’s David Venable is a renowned chef and television presenter who has been with the channel since 1993. Born on November 12, 1964, his nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. In absence of info on his wife, his fans have often assumed David Venable is gay and has a partner.
Starting off as a promoter of gourmet food products through QVC channel, David eventually began hosting his own shows now and then, crawling up to become an important personality. At the moment, he is the long running host of his own cookery show “In the Kitchen With David” that airs in QVC. He is also an author of two of his cookbooks that saw a sale of almost half-a-million copies across the world. The current estimated net worth of David Venable is at $1million. His earnings come mostly from his long hard work as a television show host and through the earnings of his book sale.

Is David Venable Married?
As progressive as his professional status has been, people find it extremely hard to believe that David is single and unmarried. His personal life has been almost annoyingly secretive; his dating history is as if inexistent. While ladies have constantly shown interest in David Venable’s relationship status through social media posts and comments, he is more of a foodie who would rather “take food out for dinner” than ladies. David Venable is not married and he doesn’t have a wife yet.

Who is David Venable Partner?

With a monstrous height of 6 feet 6 inches (1.99 meters), you would guess a guy as good looking as David has had many girlfriends in the past. But that’s not the case and in fact, the anonymity of his love life has time and again generated uncertainty about his sexual orientation. Many of his fans have considered David Venable to be gay. To be more elaborate, there are even a few videos on YouTube which have managed to gather proof to the fact that David is gay and which is why he isn’t married or hasn’t dated a woman yet. But if that’s the case, one would expect to know about David Venable partner. But David hasn’t publicly confessed about him being gay, which is something his fans hope happens soon. Even on his personal Instagram profiles and tabloids on the Internet do not disclose any information on David’s boyfriend or partner. Nor he has ever opened up about his situation of his love life.
Aged 52 years, David might soon begin thinking about being settled. Or perhaps that’s what he despises. His partners or boyfriends are yet to be known to the sources as the handsome chef leaves us clueless and gives us much to think about his actual state of the relationship. Nevertheless, he’s obviously aloof from the pressure of starting an affair with someone as he seems totally satisfied with his work. Henceforth, he is also pretty much reluctant in speaking about his unmarried life and the consequences of it. Everybody loves this talented personality whether he is or isn’t with someone, as long as he stays energetic and eccentric as he is.