Is Eboni K. Williams Married or Dating

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Date of Birth : Sep 9th, 1988
Age : 30 Years old
Let’s shed light upon Eboni K. Williams’ relationship status. So is Eboni married? The answer would be a big NO for all her fans. At 28 years of age, she is single. There have neither been instances of Eboni having a husband nor any hints of who she is married with. She has managed to keep media away from her personal affairs pretty well. Eboni’s past boyfriends and love affairs are unknown to the sources. But as we dig further into her life, it’s evident that Eboni was believed to have been dating her childhood friend Gray Sandy. There were heavy rumors about their affair although both of them denied the rumors and made it clear that they were just childhood friends. Anyways, she must be single. But we’re very sure we’ll get to know when Eboni K. Williams starts dating publicly, finds the man of her dreams and gets married. 
With a Juris Doctor Degree in Law, Eboni K. Williams is one of the hottest political analysts and legal commentators out there. She currently works for FOX News as channel contributor, providing legal analysis and commentary on today’s big headlines. Because of her sensational knowledge and vocal skills as well as her beautiful appearance, Eboni is also heavily followed on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Body Measurements

Eboni K. Williams’ body measurements are pretty feisty; the measurements of 35-23-35 inches perfectly suit her for her height of 5 feet 1 inch and weight of 54 kg. She is short but is gorgeously complimented by her attractive and well maintained body. Also, Eboni has a reputation for flaunting her slim legs on screen. She loves to wear knee- high dresses and show her glossy legs. Eboni K. Williams is comfortable wearing high-heel sandals that give her extra height and commend her feet. She is always good on her feet. Eboni’s dark brown hair goes with her legs, body and height. Among other TV personalities out there, she is the one to look out for because she is a complete package.