Is Kristine Leahy Married or Dating? Who Is Her New Boyfriend?

Is Kristine Leahy Married or Dating? Who Is Her New Boyfriend?
Is Kristine Leahy Married or Dating? Who Is Her New Boyfriend?
Incredibly stunning Kristine Leahy is a sports reporter born in Chicago. With a total net worth of over $5million, she is undoubtedly a wealthy and highly paid employee at the network. Along with her phenomenal work credits as a sports reporter, she is also an inevitably gorgeous modern diva. Kristine’s tall stature and exquisite physique have made this blonde beauty a national heartthrob. But it is important to note who makes her heart skip a beat. Let’s shed some light on the love life and relationships of NBC’s most beautiful asset. She is best known for co-hosting “The Herd” and “America’s Ninja Warrior”. Kristine is dating with Aaron Hines.

Who is Kristine Leahy dating? Is she married or in a relationship?

Thanks to her raging popularity, Kristine’s fans are eternally interested in her affairs and rumors. This is partially the reason for why she has not been able to keep her personal life a secret. While there are no any records of Kristine’s ex-boyfriends, her past relationships are also something never fully disclosed. But in recent times, she has publicly renounced the fact that Kristine isn’t single anymore. At 30 years of age, Kristine has been never been married before. So this should account for the fact that he does not have a husband as well. But she definitely a gem to keep.
Kristine is currently dating boyfriend Aaron Hines. Aaron is a personal physical trainer and instructor at Cycle House Ela, who she met during late 2016. With his rock hard body, stunning height and charming personality, he has captivated the heart of this amazingly dynamic journalist. The affair of Kristine and Aaron has reportedly spanned around six to eight months.  The couple is seen hanging around in beaches as well as in formal occasions. Kristine and her boyfriend Aaron make up for a sizzling, sexy couple; both look incredibly appealing in their own ways. The duo has been spotted spending vacations in France where they shared a picture captioned “I Louvre You” and looks like our hot reporter has fallen in love completely with this dashing hunk. And while Aaron has cast a spell on our desirable goddess, we can’t help but console ourselves discussing her rumors.
Talking about prospects of Kristine’s married life, she doesn’t look fully prepared for one as yet. She is more of an “in the moment” person and is currently in a settled relationship with her boyfriend. 

Kristine Leahy Affairs/Rumors
A co-host on NBC’s popular show “The Herd” along with the show’s title inspiration and fellow host Colin Cowherd, Kristine had been rumored to be dating Colin. The rumors started multiplying not long ago after Kristine was spotted spending summer vacation with co-host Colin. It was speculated that the two could possibly be together as they spend most of their time working together on the sets. Kristine and Colin’s amazing on-screen chemistry could also be one prop for this underlying myth. Myth, because Kristine has spoken about her relationship with Colin, which she describes as “authentic” and nothing else. She says it’s hard for her to find chemistry with anyone and when she manages to do so, it turns out an effectively good one. Just like the one she has with Colin.