Is Laura Ingraham Married With Husband or Has Boyfriend

Is Laura Ingraham Married With Husband or Has Boyfriend

Laura Ingraham Views on Gay and Lesbian People

The 53 year old conservative radio talk show host and author has had a very successful career. Laura’s love life and views on gay and lesbian people have made fine headlines over the years. She is a strong independent woman and with such qualities she has been able to leave a mark in both television and radio industry. Laura has dated many guys and was also engaged to a few but never really got married.
Laura is a straight woman. Being a conservative, she has made some stern comments regarding gay and lesbian people. Laura wasn’t very close to her gay brother for some time. Her views changed after seeing her brother coping with courage while suffering from AIDS. But Laura still believes that marriage is a thing between a man and a woman only.  

Is Laura Ingraham Dating or Married?

Laura’s dating history makes for a lot of gossip. Laura Ingraham was once engaged with her then boyfriend and a conservative author Dinesh D’Souza. The couple was planning to get married but the engagement broke off abruptly with reasons unknown. After that Laura dated broadcaster Keith Olbermann for a short period before being involved in a romantic relationship with former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Toricelli. 

Got Engaged But Never Married

On April 2005, it was announced that Laura was engaged to businessman James V. Reyers. Due to complications with Laura’s breast cancer their marriage was called off a month later and subsequently the engagement broke. Laura isn’t believed to have had any affairs after James. 

Adopted Children of Laura Ingraham

Even though Laura hasn’t married anybody yet, she didn’t shy away from being a parent. She is a single mother now with three beautiful kids. First, a daughter Maria Caroline, whom Laura adopted from Guatemala in May 2008 when she was very young. Laura then adopted a 13 month old boy Michael Dmitri in July 2009 and again another 13 month old boy Nikolai Peter two years later. Both her adopted sons are from Russia.
At 53 years of age, Laura and her three kids are living together happily. Being a single mother hasn’t been any burden for Laura’s career as she is still going strong. Laura has been single for a long time and there hasn’t been any kind of rumor about her affairs with anyone in this time period. Maybe she is too focused on her family and career at the moment which has made Laura Ingraham totally unavailable for dating. 
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