Is Randy Fenoli Gay and Has a Partner or Is He Married to Wife

Is Randy Fenoli Gay and Has a Partner or Is He Married to Wife
Date of Birth : Jan 30th, 1964
Age : 55 Years old

Is Randy Fenoli Married? 

The 53 year old fashion designer and eccentric television presenter Randy Fenoli is single and unmarried. Randy is a successful fashion designer; his wealth and fame coming from his TV shows like “Randy’s Wedding Rescue” and “Says Yes to the Dress” and his admired work at Kleinfeld. Kleinfeld is one of the most trusted bridal houses in the world. Thousands of brides have said yes to his designs but has Randy said yes to his bride yet? Let’s find out.

Rumor about Randy Fenoli Ex Wife

According to his wiki sources, it is hinted that Randy Fenoli was married to his then girlfriend Liza Minnelli. Randy’s Fenoli wife Liza is a veteran American actress who is also known as “The Queen of Broadway”. But if Liza really was Randy’s wife, there would have been evidence for that and the couple would be seen publicly. Sadly, nothing like that ever happened as Randy himself confessed that he being married to Liza was a hoax, and baseless online rumor. He later denied that he had any association or relationship with Liza. 

Is Randy Fenoli Gay?

Randy is still single and much occupied with his business and career which has produced another important rumor over the years- about Randy’s sexuality. Randy Fenoli’s fans seem to think he is gay; the speculation comes not only from his relationship status but also from his eccentric and quirky attitude. Also, history reveals that Randy had won the title of “Miss Gay America” in 1990. In an interview recently, he also clearly reacted to fans’ opinions about him being gay. He did that by stating that he has never denied being gay so one can call Randy Fenoli gay. But as of now, no any gay partner or husband of Randy Fenoli has been spotted by the sources and we do not know of anyone who can be called Randy Fenoli partner. 

Family Life of Randy

Born to farm owner father and nurse mother in a middle-class family, Randy Fenoli was the youngest of 7 kids. He has 6 other siblings, one of which is a sister. Randy’s family lived in Southern Illinois and he has had an average childhood. But with wholehearted dedication in fashion designing, he has harnessed his passion in becoming one of the most trusted names in fashion world. Coming back to his personal life, it is sad that a man as successful, good looking and fashionable as Randy hasn’t yet found a partner or love even at 53 years of age. Let’s see if better days are ahead for him, if he’s looking for it, of course. We will be updating more information about Randy Fenoli’s affairs and love life as soon as they make news.