Is Judge Faith Jenkins Married with Husband or has Boyfriend

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Date of Birth : Sep 21st, 1977
Age : 41 Years old
Faith Jenkins does not have a boyfriend or any love affairs. But recently, there have been heavy rumors of her marriage. If Faith Jenkins really is married, there are still no hints or clues indicating her status. But because she is so good at keeping media at a distant from her life, the rumor might be true. Also, many sources indicate Faith Jenkins to be married and we want to believe it is true. But the name and details of her husband, if any, are not revealed yet and nor Faith has any kids. Even in her social networking profiles, she barely posts updates regarding her personal life. She has never been linked with any celebrities and nor has any illegitimate kids. Being a beauty pageant winner and runner-up of another huge one, she must have guys throwing themselves at her. For now let’s just hope she does not keep her fans in the shadow for long. We will keep you updated when Faith Jenkins publicly announces her husband’s name or who she is married to.
Faith Jenkins is an American attorney, legal commentator and media personality who also portrays a judge on the daytime court show “Judge Faith”. The former Miss Louisiana 2000 and the runner up of Miss America 2001 is stunningly beautiful and is famous for her works as a lawyer and on screen personality. Faith Jenkins was born to American parents and raised up in Shreveport, Louisiana. 
Faith is often seen hanging out with her friends only. So, we speculate that Faith is still single.
Although a prominent media figure, 39 year old Faith Jenkins does not open up much about her love life and has an appreciably secretive lifestyle. Most of her fans seem to believe that she is more inclined towards polishing her career at the moment rather than getting entangled in relationships. Faith’s parents have always supported in her career empowerment since she was a kid and this was one of the factors she chose this line of work.