Judge Lynn Toler: Biography, Age, Family, Salary, Net worth, Husband

Judge Lynn Toler Biography, Judge Lynn Toler Age, Judge Lynn Toler Family, Judge Lynn Toler Salary, Judge Lynn Toler Net Worth, Judge Lynn Toler Husband
Date of Birth : Oct 25th, 1959
Age : 59 Years old
Short bio and age
Judge Lynn Toler life started with struggle through childhood. As per Judge Lynn Toler biography, her full name is Lynn Candace Toler. She was born on 25th October 1959. At this moment, Judge Lynn Toler age is 58 years old Toler survived at least two nervous breakdowns by the age of 12. Lynn nevertheless won over all the pains and sufferings and gained emotional motivation and control from her mother. In 2009, she published her second book, which was called Put It in Writing. This book summed up relations between her family and friends. It also talked about lending money and has shown the scenario when grown-ups return their home and back to parents.
Net worth and salary
Lynn Toler net worth is 15 million dollars. Lynn Toler salary has given her well enough to treat herself and her family.Judge Lynn Toler studied in law school at Harvard. She got bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 1981. Furthermore, she has also received a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania in 1884. Then she segued from a career as an impassioned litigator to a Republican-backed judge on the Cleveland Heights Municipal Court. She reportedly won her first election to that by merely six votes when she was 34 years old. Her unusual and innovative sentencing grabbed the attention of a local television station, she was recommended in a reality series in Fox which was called Power of Attorney and she was appointed quickly.
 She also started the similar program called Divorce Court. She inherited the post from Judge Mablean Ephraim. Toler gained immense popularity on the program and she did not spend a long time to take another assignment where she was an on-camera counselor. She went board and talked to married couples in crisis on MTV’s reality show Decision House. Being such a powerful public figure she has received some recognition as well, in 2002, she received The Humanitarian of the Year Award from The Cleveland Domestic Violence Center. Judge Lynn Toler has also been awarded Freedom Award, Philadelphia Chapter Martin Luther King Jr. in January 2009. Between 2001 and 2006 she was very actively involved in teaching Civil Rights and Women rights.
Is Judge Lynn Toler married? Who is her husband?
Discussing Judge Lynn Toler personal life, she was married to Eric Mumford. Judge Lynn Toler husband is an architect who researches on historic places and designs.  Lynn Toler family included her husband and two children. There is no rumor of extramarital affair and divorce till to date and she seems happy with her Judge Lynn Toler family.
Wiki and social media
Judge Lynn Toler is still very much active in her profession. She is also active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Her short bio and profile have been published by many wiki sites and more info on her personal and professional life can be found from Judge Lynn Toler Wikipedia and other wiki sites.