Kaj Goldberg Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Salary and Wife

Kaj Goldberg Wiki, Kaj Goldberg Biography, Kaj Goldberg Age, Kaj Goldberg Height, Kaj Goldberg Ethnicity, Kaj Goldberg Salary and Kaj Goldberg Wife
Short Bio
It’s not an unfamiliar ability to observe a journalist to progress to acting from working in television and films. Kaj Goldberg is the correspondent for the ABC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona. The journalist is also very good at skiing, surfing and mountain biking. He worked for several years in the television and movie industry. He moved from being an actor to become a journalist. The popular Kaj Goldberg bio is given below.
Net Worth and Salary
Kaj Goldberg is one of the best personality in the field of journalism. He has become part of various major news networks. Since 2015, he has been with KTLA and receives a good salary from the company. Kaj Goldberg net worth is still in review but looking at his professional career, we can assume his net worth to be in thousands of dollars.
His status as a listenable and notable journalist has helped him gather a remarkable net worth which could amount to millions of dollars. He put up his house on sale with the minimum price of $1.25 million, in 2009.
Kaj Goldberg is the native of Los Angeles. Before returning to his homeland to complete a bachelor’s degree in Communications, he lived abroad in Europe for about five years. After completing the education, for some years he worked in film and television industry.
At the same time, his passion for journalism and reporting remained in him. Which resulted in him joining the Fox TV. He rose through the ranks quickly. He became a studio executive at MTV and Paramount Television. He left it to work at the ABC Affiliate in Phoenix, after working for two years with CBS News.  At present, he has been serving as the Weekend Weather Anchor and the Assignment Reporter in the KCBS/KCAL network.

Is Kaj Goldberg married? Who is his wife?

Looking at his history in acting, there’s no doubt that the journalist is a handsome and smart man. Though it is a known fact that he has been a married man. There’s a very few detail about where or when they met. He wished his wife an anniversary of the 16 years of her marriage, in November 2016.
On his Twitter profile, he has also mentioned that he is a proud father of three young children. He stated in a recent post that his son Jake just graduated from the middle school. It seems that he is also spending time with his family.
His Instagram account contains the photos of his children and wife along with other relatives visiting different places. At present, he is a happily married man. He likes to call himself as the happiest man in the world.
Height- How tall is Kaj Goldberg?
Kaj Goldberg height is estimated to be 6 feet tall which perfectly suits on him. He looks tall with this height and has maintained a fit body and muscular body.

Wiki and Facts
According to some wiki sources, Kaj Goldberg age in 2017 is 43 years. He was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. in 1967. Recently, KTLA surprised him with a birthday cake leaving him blushing and gushing. He holds an American citizenship and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Get more info on his personal and professional life from Kaj Goldberg Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.