Kate Silverton Age, Feet, Husband, Baby and Wedding

Kate Silverton Age, Kate Silverton Feet, Kate Silverton Husband, Kate Silverton Baby, Kate Silverton Wedding
Date of Birth : Aug 4th, 1970
Age : 50 Years old

Short Bio

46 year old journalist Kate Silverton is one of the most popular and accomplished broadcaster. According to Kate Silverton biography, she was born on 4 August 1970 in Essex, England. She is very famous for her presentation on BBC news where she is the main anchor for One, Six and ten o’ clock News and BBC Weekend News.
Kate graduated with the Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Durham University. She went to Zimbabwe to work Raleigh International in Lebanon and Egypt. Before she started her journalism career she had served on the London-Based bank. She was trained by  BBC ex working presenter at Tyne Tees. She was featured in The Heaven and Earth Show before joining BBC news. She became an editor at BBC Radio 4’s Today in 2003. Silverstone got a position as the presenter in BBC news in December 2007.

Net Worth and Salary

Kate Silverton salary is estimated in between 250,000 to 500,000 pounds annually while Kate Silverton net worth is in millions of pounds. Kate Silverton, who is famous BBC news presenter has covered many BBC TV programs. She is seen on many news like BBC one, six, ten and Weekend news. With lots of money to her account, the journalist has upgraded her life. At present, she stands with millions of pound in her bank account. With the money paid by BBC she is able to live high standard life. Due to her work her net worth may have grown high day by day. She is very much enjoying her luxury life driving luxury cars and living in a big house.  

Kate Silverton Wedding With Her Husband 

kate silverton wedding with husband
Kate is a married woman. Wedding date of Kate Silverton was on 18th December 2010. Kate Silverton husband Mike Heron is a former Royal Marine. In 2011 November, Kate gave birth to her first child. She was again pregnant with another baby boy at the age of 43. She has now altogether two children named Clemency Florence Rose Heron and Wilbur Silverstone-Heron. Now Kate and her husband are living together happily with their children.

Wiki and Facts

Kate Silverton height is 5 feet 10 inches while Kate Silverton feet size is 9 as per US measurement. In one interview, Kate has shared her experience of having to live with a big feet. She recalled while she was 20 years of age,  fashionable shoes used to come only up to size 8. So, she forced herself to try to fit her foot in size 8 which turned out not to be so good idea. She also admitted that she often used to look in Men’s section for the shoes that are of her size. Kate is also very popular as swimmer and girl guide. More info on her personal and professional life can be found from Kate Silverton Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.