Katy Tur Wiki, Net worth, Married or Dating with Boyfriend

Katy Tur Wiki, Katy Tur Net worth, Katy Tur Married, Katy Tur Dating, Katy Tur Boyfriend, Katy Tur Engaged
Date of Birth : Oct 26th, 1983
Age : 35 Years old

Katy Tur is Engaged with her Current Boyfriend

Katy Tur’s current boyfriend is CBS News Correspondent Tony Dokoupil, who she is also engaged to. Katy and her boyfriend Tony Dokoupil got engaged early in 2017 and look forward to soon take the relationship to the next level.

Affair with Ex Boyfriends

Katy Tur has not been married before and does not have an ex-husband. But the closest she came was during 2006, when Katy’s boyfriend was the journalist and political commentator Keith Obermann. The couple broke up in 2009 as their relationship was most frequently judged by their huge age difference of 25 years and they ended on good terms. In July 2016, sources also spotted Katy Tur dating an unknown French guy named Benoit who she met in London. But that didn’t last very long either. Jewish beauty Katy is an excellent reporter and dedicated to her profession.

Salary and Net worth

Katy Tur salary is estimated at $400000 per year which has increased her net worth. Although failed affairs and relationships kept letting her down, she fought back and has made a decent name for her in the television world. The exact figures of Katy’s net worth aren’t available on her wiki sites either.
The very popular if somewhat controversial journalist Katy Tur is known for her all round works at NBC. Katy Tur is currently at NBC in New York where she reports for various segments of the channel. The fact that she has an enormous fan following always brings her personal life into attention. Fans are dying to know if Katy Tur has a boyfriend or husband. Well to break the ice, we have got to dig deep into this beautiful reporter’s successful life. Sources have often tried to figure out who Katy’s dating, but only little success. With blonde hair, an attractive body and a commanding on-screen presence, she has made many guys drool. 

Is Katy Tur Married? 

No, Katy Tur is not married yet. But looking at the excitement she has, we might soon get to hear some good news. At the age of 34, Katy of course has lots of time to make important decisions. She seems way too satisfied with her profession and why not? It is undeniable that she seems to live a happy life with her fiancé too. Katy Tur’s boyfriend and hopefully her future husband Tony Dokoupil proposed to her in February and the couple celebrated their engagement with their friends. Katy could not have asked for more. 
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