Kayla Itsines Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Diet Plan

Kayla Itsines Age, Kayla Itsines Height,Kayla Itsines Weight, Kayla Itsines Body Measurements and Kayla Itsines Diet Plan
Date of Birth : May 21st, 1991
Age : 29 Years old
Short Bio
Kayla Itsines is quite the modern phenomenon- a personal trainer, author and an entrepreneur born on May 21, 1991, in Adelaide. Born with an Australian nationality and white ethnicity to parents Jim and Anna Itsines, Kayla’s amazingly inspirational bio clarifies how she shifted her dreams of becoming a beauty therapist to being a fitness trainer. Reported to have endometriosis, she had begun working out to ameliorate fertility problems in the future. She is the creator of BBG, a series of fitness related eBooks. Kayla Itsines age was small when she dreamt of following trainer as her career.

Net Worth and Salary
Named one of the wealthiest Australians aged under 40 to not have inherited their money in BRW’s "Young Rich", Kayla Itsines net worth is estimated $46million. She reportedly earned this staggering amount within the span of a few years; in 2015 alone she had raked in $17million. She is a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness. Kayla Itsine’s career can be considered to have commenced at the age of 18 when she first got a job at a gym in Adelaide. There, she quite simply revolutionized work out by replacing machine based exercises with her self-invented aerobic exercises that were much appreciated by her clients. Slowly, she started pitching a mobile personal training business. She has been named among ’30 most influential people on the Internet, owing to her splendid execution of online marketing her services through social media. She has partnered with Tobi Pearce to co-create a Bikini Body Training Company and later created fitness eBooks named “Bikini Body Guides”. She also created an app called “Sweat with Kayla” which has been downloaded more than any other fitness apps. Apart from this major stardom, she still serves clients as a personal trainer. Kayla has taken tons of her own workout merchandise and products, further adding to her value. She is also the author of “The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide”.

Is Kayla Itsines married or dating someone?

How disappointing would it have been, if a fit, sexy and proactive woman like Kayla Itsines hadn’t been dating? Thankfully, that’s not the case as Kayla’s boyfriend is known to the public. Kayla is dating fitness trainer Tobi Pearce, who’s her partner since a long time. The handsome dude has a splendid body and is her coworker cum partner. Kayla isn’t married to Tobi yet but they have been living together since 2013 and this relationship could soon turn into something serious. There are tons of pictures of these two posted on the Internet.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements
As a world famous fitness trainer, one would naturally fantasize about Kayla’s lucid and hourglass body figure. Kayla Itsines height is at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) whereas Itsines weight is 52 kg. Credits to some avid workout, diet plans and dedicated abs and waist exercises, Kayla Itsines body measurements is 34-24-35 inches which clearly indicate this diva’s strict diet and workout routine. She has dark brown hair to go with dark brown eyes.

Wiki and Facts
Kayla’s enormous fan base on the social platforms has infamously given her a unique identity among her customers, clients, and fans. She not only interacts with people on the social media, it is also her major client source. On Twitter, Kayla’s account @kayla_itsines has a total of majestic 423K followers to its name. Her fan base on Instagram is what shocks many; with over 7.2M people following her regular pictures, posts, and updates, she is able to rake in that many people based on a dynamic fitness empire. Kayla Itsines wiki is a must read, so do make sure to visit her Wikipedia page.