What is Kristen Ledlow Relationship Status? Is she Dating or Does She have a secret Husband?

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Date of Birth : Jan 18th, 1988
Age : 31 Years old

Current Relationship Status of Kristen Ledlow

Kristen Ledlow is believed to be single as of now and she seems to be focused on her career. This young talented sports anchor and reporter has long been in the talks among fans and in the media alike about her love life. A tall, beautiful reporter, Kristen Ledlow is a darling TV personality. She is believed to be a secretive person and does not like to open up about her relationships. But nevertheless media are scavengers and they will hunt no matter what!

Dating History and Ex-Boyfriend

Kristen Ledlow dating famous basketball player Joakim Noah became an overnight sensation; and most did believe they were a couple but both Kristen and Joakim had later denied the allegations. It was later revealed that Kristen met Joakim in an event and she had posted a picture of them together. One picture and there were enough rumors already. Obviously when you’re a sports reporter you are seen around talking to athletes and interviewing them and rumors are certainly there for the taking. And as charming as Kristen is, we can’t blame if players flirt with her once in a while.  

Kristen Ledlow Was Dumped By her Boyfriend

  Recently, in one of her tweets Kristen Ledlow confessed that she had been dating a baseball player from Jacksonville State. The tweet, by her official account @KristenLedlow also mentioned that Kristen’s boyfriend had dumped her in a letter. The tweet was evident enough to believe that Kristen recently was in a relationship and if she hid it that well enough, it’s tough to get a hint of her ongoing relationship as well, if any. But whoever that guy was who dumped her, even though we are oblivious of his name, must be insane to dump this beauty with brains. One would confidently imply that guys throw themselves at her but Kristen must be really focused on her career to be dating as now. Nevertheless, we hope her fans soon get to know if Kristen starts dating publicly.

Seems There will be No Kristen Ledlow Husband Anytime Soon

Kristen Ledlow’s dating history is so concealed that it must well be appreciated. At just 29 years of age, Kristen has not married yet. She has no ex-husband either. Of course there’s a long way to go for this gorgeous reporter but fans would also like to peek into her off-screen life. She’s the first and only woman reporter at the NBA Network. Even if Kristen was in fact married, she has not mentioned anything about her husband. And so is the case with her boyfriends.