Maria Shriver Dating Boyfriend or Married with Husband or Divorced

Maria Shriver Dating Boyfriend or Married with Husband or Divorced
Date of Birth : Nov 6th, 1955
Age : 63 Years old
Short Bio- Who is Maria Shriver?
Beautiful television personality and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver was born on November 6, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois. Maria’s mother’s name is Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her father was Sargent Shriver. She is widely known for being a producer, journalist, and activist. Moreover, Maria is also known for an interesting relationship with ex-husband the former bodybuilder and action movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s find out what’s cooking between these two celebrities. The popular Maria Shriver bio is given below.

Is Maria Shriver Married? Who’s Maria Shriver husband?
Since long, the relationship between Maria and Arnold had been the main course on global media.  Even now, when she is 61 years old, the couple still find themselves making spotlight news through their rumors and benevolent hints. Maria married the then bodybuilder and pursuing actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the year 1977 when their good friend Tom Brokaw introduced them to each other. Their first encounter was at Maria’s mother’s house, where a charity tennis tournament was being held. The two fell in love after dating for a short while, and they got together. Eventually, in 1986, Maria married Arnold who was in every way, quite the man of her dreams. 

Maria’s Wedding, House
Details about the wedding of Maria and Arnold are interesting. Maria’s wedding with husband was held in Hyannis, Massachusetts, at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church. There were numerous guests that ranged from famous politicians to movie stars and media personalities. The wedding was much hyped since both were the perfect people in their respective fields. After separation in Hyannis, Massachusetts, at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church with Arnold, Maria bought a house in Brentwood. Maria’s $10million house is lavish and equally exotic and is fascinatingly situated three miles away from where Arnold lives. She is an activist, philanthropist and equally compassionate. But her stunning net worth of more than $100million is a testament to her fancy and luxurious life. And she’s not alone; Maria lives with boyfriend Matthew Dowd who’s a wonderful human being and who she adores.

Is Maria Shriver Divorced? Who is Maria’s boyfriend?
There have been numerous rumors and allegations that Maria divorced husband Arnold, but that’s not true. Firstly, the two are extremely understanding of each other and have always tried to maintain a healthy relationship between. These countless rumors and unproven hoax news suggest that media will just about write anything to throw a celebrity off course. 
Maria and husband Arnold have separate lives right now. Maria is dating some other guy and Arnold has had another girlfriend for years. But ever since 2011 when the two announced their separation, they have always said that Arnold and Maria are not interested in an official divorce. So, Maria hasn’t filed for divorce against husband Arnold, they’re just living separate lives happily. The reason for separation, however, was because Arnold admitted having had a child with his household staff named Baena. Arnold and Maria have four children in total with each other; all of whose custody has been divided. Maria doesn’t have any other kids elsewhere as Maria has never had an extramarital affair. Recently in 2012 though, Maria requested custody of two kids, Patrick and Christopher. 
Since 2013, Maria has been dating Matthew Dowd. Matthew was the major strategist during 2006 reelection campaign of Arnold. He is also a political consultant. As of yet, it has not been stated if Maria wants to marry Matthew and settle with him for the rest of his life.