MSNBC Chris Matthews Biography, Age, Height, Wiki, Wife and Children

MSNBC Chris Matthews Biography, Chris Matthews Age, Chris Matthews Height, Chris Matthews Wiki, Chris Matthews Wife and Chris Matthews Children
Short Biography of Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews is a news anchor and political commentator who is working for MSNBC. According to Chris Matthews’s bio, he was born on December 17, 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Born Christopher John Matthews, his nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. His father Herb Matthews was a court reporter and his mother’s name is Mary Teresa. His career is highlighted by his involvement with the NBC network. Chris is most recently known for his weekend program “The Chris Matthews Show” that aired from 2002 to 2013. Given below is Chris Matthews bio in detail.

Net Worth and Salary – How Much Does Chris Matthews Make?
With his age, the profound experience and an indelible career Chris has accumulated name, fame, and wealth. Chris Matthews net worth is $16million. This giant net worth also comes with a mouth watering salary of $5million, according to Chris’ wiki. A career that has spanned almost 5 decades, Chris’ net worth is only fair to his hard work and determination. Talking about his education, Chris has attended College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts and graduated in Economics from the University of North Carolina. With 34 honorary degrees from various universities to his name, he is an academically esteemed personality. Chris Matthews’ career initiated with the United States Capitol Police and later as one of Democratic Members of Congress. He then got involved in a number of political affairs and endeavors including some unsuccessful campaigns for US Senate and US House of Representatives. But his career in journalism only began in 1987 where he was a bureau chief of Washington D.C. for “San Francisco Examiner”. He later covered presidential election campaign during 1997 and ultimately, in 1998, started hosting his own weeknight talk show“Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC. He also began featuring in his self-titled “The Chris Matthews Show” that aired from 2002 until 2013.Not just a media personality, he also is the author of 7 best-selling books; a few like “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero” and “American: Beyond Our Greatest Notions” were universally acclaimed. He has signed a long term contract with MSNBC and is currently busy focusing on filming documentaries, writing books and his show “Hardball”.

Blessed Family Life with Wife and Children

Chris Matthews is married to Kathleen Matthews. The couple has been living a happy married life for 37 years. Chris Matthews wife Kathleen is a television personality herself; she used to be an anchor of News 7 on WJLA-TV. Chris and his wife Kathleen also have three children together: Michael, Thomas, and Caroline. The couple lives with their family in Philadelphia with no rumors of possible divorce. Other previous affairs of Chris Matthews are unknown to the sources.

Height – How tall is Chris Matthews?
Also a tall, handsome man Chris Matthews height is 6 feet 3 inches (1.92 meters). Info about his weight isn’t available. Chris’s semi-blonde/white hair adds up to his charming personality. His dominating height has been a factor of his success on screen. With his affluent smile and ageless appearance even at the age of 71, Chris Matthews must have been a catch during his youth.

Wiki and Facts
Chris Matthews is a beloved journalist and commentator over the Internet as well. Known for his stern comments and judgments, he is widely followed across all social platforms- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Twitter, Chris is present as @HardBallChris and has a whopping number of followers at 678K. Similarly, on his Instagram, he can be reached at his show’s account at @hardball where he has 27K followers. For more info on Chris, do check out Chris Matthews Wikipedia page and other wiki sites.