Personal Life of Marcus Lemonis: Family or Single or Girlfriend or Married with Wife

Personal Life of Marcus Lemonis: Family or  Marcus Lemonis Single or  Marcus Lemonis Girlfriend or  Marcus Lemonis Married with Wife
Personal Life of Marcus Lemonis
Lebanese-American businessman Marcus Lemonis is a renowned tycoon and CEO of three major companies: Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, and Gander Mountain. 43-year-old wealthy business giant, investor, and philanthropist also star in CNBC business reality show “The Profit”. Born in the serious civil war zone of Beirut, he luckily escaped the chaos after being adopted by a Greek Couple and was brought to Miami. Rising from there till Marcus’ giant net worth of $150million, he has definitely achieved commendable success in his prolific financial life.

Is Marcus Lemonis married with wife or single or divorced?
We all know ladies are crazy about Marcus’ good looks. But could there be a secret relationship he’s in currently? Marcus has not married anyone yet and is unmarried. So there are no details on Marcus’ wife yet. Even though he is a rich and sophisticated man, he has not been associated with a lot of women in his youth. By youth, we mean his current age, where the handsome stud still looks a lot like someone in his late twenties. 
Since it has been decided that Marcus Lemonis is unmarried, let’s shed some light on his love life. Marcus’ current girlfriend is Bethenny Frankel, who he has been dating for more than a year. This rich television personality was once rumored to be gay, which he bashed away by stating that he has romantically been involved with many ladies. Marcus and his girlfriend Bethenny are in a live-in relationship but they haven’t been engaged or tied the knot yet. When asked about his married life, he clearly states that he isn’t in a rush. This might root for the fact that Bethenny could soon be Marcus’ wife if they come to an agreement. Bethenny is a “SkinnyGirl” lady known for her involvement in the top fashion brand. 
Although bald, he is a typically handsome man with nice chubby stubble to go with. His soft-spoken nature has also alluded a lot of ladies.Marcus attracts a lot of eyes during conferences and keynote speeches around the world.

Marcus Lemonis’s affair with Bethenny Frankel

As much as we adore this couple’s chemistry, recently in 2015, they were rumored to have separated from each other. The news hit tabloids with much hype but this hasn’t yet been confirmed by both. Let’s hope they speak on this matter soon. Battling with the rumors of being gay, which he apparently wouldn’t be now that he might be in a committed relationship with Bethenny, he has come over lots of fake news slams across the internet. 

But even after much research on the Internet and on his Instagram account, we have never come across any pictures that reveal his intimate relationship with Bethenny or any other ladies. He really likes to keep his personal life secret, which is one of the reasons why Marcus has never talked about his girlfriend in real life too.