Preston Gant Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Salary and Age

Preston Gant Wiki, Preston Gant Bio, Preston Gant Net worth, Preston Gant Salary and Preston Gant Age
Short Bio- Who is Preston Gant?
Preston Gant is an actor and producer of American nationality and belonging to African-American ethnicity. Widely known as the celebrity husband of ‘Little Women’ star Elena Gant, Preston’s bio credits his works through his performances in movie franchises like “Bloodsucka Jones (2013)”. Other details about Preston’s family are currently unknown.

Net Worth and Salary
While not much light is shed upon his career by the wiki sites, it is estimated that Preston Gant’s net worth is $2million as of now. This is an impressive net worth for someone who hasn’t had much exposure in the film industry. But his joint family net worth in association with his wife who is a rich reality television star makes up for most of the stunning amount. Details about Preston’s educational life aren’t known at all. An actor and producer by profession, he has only starred in a handful of films that have landed him an IMDB page. He is well known among moviegoers for his starring role in the film “BloodSucka Jones”. He has also been featured in the sequel to that movie titled “BloodSucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death”, which is soon to be released as of now. He was the director, producer, and actor in BloodSucka Jones, whereas he will also be working as the executive in the sequel. His wife though is a busy celebrity and quite famously, the tallest among the Little Women: LA cast. Preston has also appeared in the film “Non-Stop to Comic Con”.

Is Preston Gant married? Who is his wife?

A tall height and dark, handsome complexion have provided Preston the well acquired good looks to go with. As charming as he is, Preston is married to his wife and sweetheart Elena Gant. The couple is essentially an inspirational one and equally adorable. Preston had been dating Elena since only 3 months until they finally decided to take the relationship to the next level in 2014. Not just a happy husband, Preston is a proud father to his twin children who Elena have birth to in 2016. The media quite often try and fantasize about the couple’s height differences, but as they should be, the two are almost totally fine with the difference. Plus, Elena has mentioned her craze towards tall and dark men.
Height and Weight
Quite tall by height and even more so besides his short wife Elena whose height is only 4 feet 4 inches, Preston stands at a giant height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). Now this says that Elena is almost half as tall as her husband, but loves the idea of having children with a really tall man. Preston has a French cut beard style which blends nicely with his bold personality in many ways.

Wiki and Facts
Unfortunately, just like his professional life, his social life is a bit unhappening. Although Preston’s unofficial accounts are both on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, he isn’t actively present on the social platforms himself. His wife, Elena however, has more than 650K followers to her name on Instagram and an equally large fan base on Twitter too with 52K people following her. So in order to reach out to Preston, you’ll have to go through his wife’s profiles. Preston Gant’s wiki can be read on different online sources exclusively.