Reggie Aqui Wiki, Husband, Bio, Age, Net worth and Height

Reggie Aqui Wiki, Reggie Aqui Husband, Reggie Aqui Bio, Reggie Aqui Age, Reggie Aqui Net worth and Reggie Aqui Height
Short Bio- Who is Reggie Aqui?
Reggie Aqui is a television anchor and reporter based in San Francisco. Looking into Reggie Aqui’s bio, it is evident that his nationality is American and he is of white ethnicity. Other details like his family information and even his birth date are unknown. Best known as the anchor of the show ABC7 Mornings, he has previously worked with television networks such as CNN and KGW News. The popular Reggie Aqui bio is given below.

Net Worth and Salary
Despite a few controversies and difference in opinions at his workplaces, Reggie Aqui’s net worth stands well with the kind of file reputation he has built over the years. The salary that Reggie receives at ABC7 isn’t fully disclosed as well and this is the reason his net worth is under review as of now. But years 2014 throughout 2017 have been particularly fruitful for him. Qualified enough to be a great reporter, he had graduated from Northwestern University in the Medill School of Journalism. Looking to settle as one of the reputed journalists in the business, he first started off from Green Bay, Wisconsin where he was offered his first ever job at WLUK station. Then, he received another stint at the WDJT in Milwaukee followed by anchoring and reporting works at KHOU in Houston, Texas. Prior to working for KGW-TV in Portland, which is an NBC affiliate channel upon quitting which he was criticized for and more so with his statement of leave, he worked for CNN too in Atlanta. He anchored CNN’s online network and this was prior to Portland. He is a beloved anchor at the network and his fans never wanted him to leave. But he eventually did, in 2015 and was immediately hired by KGO-TV in San Francisco, California. KGO-TV is an ABC7 affiliate.

Is Reggie Aqui married? Who is her husband?
It is quite difficult to decipher Reggie’s love life since neither of his bio sites clearly depict if he is in a relationship with someone. Reggie isn’t married and is yet to have a wife, but one of the websites seemed to have a registry of the wedding between Reggie Aqui and Phil Heuring in 2016 which is strange. Strange in the sense, some wiki sites also claim the sexual orientation of Reggie to be gay. More interestingly, Reggie is rumored to be dating possible partner Phil Heuring since some time. Of course, nothing proves these rumors but would be something good to find out.
Height and Weight
As his Instagram bio cleverly mentions, Reggie is moderately tall and has attractive body measurements all in all. Reggie height and weight are something yet to be updated but as of now, with his thick dark hair and dark brown eyes, he makes for a genuinely adorable personality. He is a charming man too and can be seen eccentrically wandering around and goofing with coworkers.

Wiki and Facts
Thank goodness for the fact that one of our hottest anchors is quite active in the social media. Reggie loves using phones and is on the internet all the time when he’s free, which credits to his generous fan following. He is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with a decent amount of admirers. On Twitter, his account is found as @reggieacqui and he has the support of 8K people. He has tweeted an outstanding 24K time. His Instagram might have fewer followers, just above 3K of them continuously following his funny posts. Reggie Aqui’s Wikipedia page isn’t existent right now. But do make sure to tune into his show on ABC7. Also, find some wiki sites of his if you wish to.