After Getting Engaged, Sarah Spain Got Married With Her Husband

Date of Birth : Aug 17th, 1980

Age : 40 Years old

Sarah Spain is happily married to her long time boyfriend Brad Zibung since 2016. Her rich husband Brad is a real estate business owner who has an estimated net worth of $1.5billion. So the couple lives a rich, luxurious life in their own dreamy world. Sarah Spain started dating her husband and then boyfriend Brad Zibung since 2009. But these two apparently met in 2006 in a game. Both sports enthusiasts, they were a perfect match for each other. So after dating each other for seven years, Sarah married her fiancé on 29th May, 2016. The 37 year old beautiful columnist and reporter works for ESPN. Sarah Spain is tall, gorgeous and extremely talented at what she does. She has a huge fan following on the internet too and her fans would want to know about Sarah’s relationship status and ex boyfriends.
Sarah Spain’s dating history is quite simple, brief and precise. She has not been rumored to be dating any celebrities nor involved in any love affairs that we don’t know of.

In fact, Since it took Sarah and Brad seven years to finally get engaged, we can understand that there is a deep bonding between two and are in a fully committed relationship. They have only been married for about a year and they don’t have any children yet. But the couple looks forward to expanding the family in the days to come. At present, there are absolutely no rumors of divorce surrounding Sarah and Brad two as they live a great life together. Sarah Spain and husband Brad Zibung have also been seen taking trips to Australia, New Zealand and other exotic places both before and after their marriage.

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